Michael Davin



Michael co-founded Zetabid in 2008 with the Tribune Company and Go-Dove.  Prior to Zetabid, Mr. Davin co-founded Catalist Homes in 2000, a California based alternative real estate brokerage firm with Hal Ellis, Bain and Company, and The Charles Schwab Company.  Michael also worked at Grubb & Ellis as a broker in the commercial real estate space from 1987 to 2000 covering the Los Angeles market.  Michael worked for major institutions in the REO Rental space leading acquisitions for Beazer Homes (Beazer Pre-Owned Homes sold to American Homes 4 Rent) and Tallstone Capital Advisors which sourced for Invitation Homes, Progress Residential, Starwood Waypoint and others.




Kenny Fischer

Business Development


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Kenny Fischer has been in the real estate, auction and metals recycling businesses for decades.  Mr. Fischer created the Grubb and Ellis and Ross-Dove Company auction alliance in 1992 to conduct over $1B in real estate auctions for FDIC and RTC (and others) during the 1990s and the largest consumer debt auction ($750,000,000 non performing mortgage event) ever done at the time for Paine Weber and others.


Eric Koesterer

Director of Operations


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Eric Koesterer joined the Zetabid team in 2008 where he managed the ballroom auction operations staff. Starting his career in residential mortgage as an underwriter, Eric has had the pleasure of working for large institutions such as Morgan Stanley, UBS and Countrywide along with smaller regional firms like City National Bank, Allstate Property Group and Pacifica Mortgage. This broad financial background provides Zetabid and its clients with valuable experience in financial markets.  Eric manages the operations and market process for commercial and residential real estate assets.

Nikhil Mendu

Manager of IT

Nikhil Mendu looks after all our IT needs. From creating new websites and applications to managing them he takes care of it all. He also designs  brochures for various auctions, property listings, proposals. Simply put he takes care of most of our IT. He built ParkPlaceX.com our Mobile Homes for sale directory and also manages all our websites. You can visit his personal site https://nikhilmendu.design to know more.