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CRE Experience:

Zetabid founders have a rich history with commercial real estate sales.  Co-founder Hal Ellis started the national commercial brokerage firm Grubb and Ellis (now  Newmark Grubb Knight Frank – 12,000 sales professionals and 330 offices).  Ross Dove (another Zetabid co-founder) and Grubb and Ellis conducted the largest commercial real estate auctions ever held for the FDIC in the 1990s (Resolution Trust Corporation -RTC).   Zetabid founders have sold more than a billion in commercial real estate.


Disposition Process:

Zetabid offers both traditional structured sales programs and real estate auction events.

Traditional Sales:  Zetabid offers traditional structured sales events with a focus on managing the length of the process for our time sensitive clients.  These events do not utilize an auction format, but do benefit form the same targeted marketing and sense of urgency with an offer deadline.  For those clients wish a more private approach, we can customize a structured sale process to meet your needs.

Auction Process:  Zetabid commercial auctions are hands-on and custom tailored events designed to unearth the most likely buyer.  For leased assets, we seek to illustrate the maximum potential rental yield and auction to the highest bidder on by targeting a wide pool of national and regional investor buyers.  For owner occupied assets we work with the listing broker to target local and regional business seeking expansion facilities.  Where the building has issues or functional obsolescence we also target regional investors who can renovate and re-purpose the building to alternative uses maximizing value.

Simply put, we create competition to optimize valuation using several different auction types from live onsite events, sealed bid sales, and online auctions.   Auctions create urgency and head turning appeal to buyers not possible with traditional marketing efforts.

Auctions are even more effective in a strong market versus a weak market.  In a weak market buyers need the motivation of an auction to act.  In a strong market, buyers have to fight to win and that competition maximizes value.


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Zetabid tailors the marketing program to the most likely buyers and the approach is custom for each event.  We research comparable sales in CoStar and download buyer and broker contact information involved in at least 500 similar sales to compile the best target marketing list possible.  Telephone calls are made to all parties on the target list backed by email and direct mail solicitations.  For vacant assets, we reach the owner user buyers who pay more utilizing SIC code business search from Dun and Bradstreet databases.  For leased properties, we attract investors from all over the world who must compete to win.

For a list of marketing examples, please click on our Marketing Gallery



The  buyer pays for the auction costs via a Buyer’s Premium (paid at closing) which is a percentage of the winning bid amount..  The amount of the fee varies by event type, marketing budget required, sales price, and risk.  Seller pays their broker pursuant to their listing agreement.  Buyer agents are compensated from the commission paid to the brokers under the listing agreement.


Principal Purchases:

Zetabid operates a CRE investment fund (click here) and along with Heritage Global can purchase real estate deals quickly when liquidity is desired.  Our focus is on property with significant vacancies or containing machinery and equipment we can acquire with the property.  Please contact us via the below form to discuss a purchase opportunity.



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If you have a commercial real estate asset you would like to sell please contact us to discuss how we can create a custom plan for you.

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